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Healthcare Coverage Died

Although federal officials have known for years that Obamacare would cause millions of Americans to lose health insurance coverage, that didn’t stop President Obama from lying and deceiving time after time. His tactic was to always reassure voters that the law would not adversely impact their existing coverage.
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Obama’s continuous lying: “Health Insurance is a right!”-according to President Obama

Yes, some good things have come out of ObamaCare, such as allowing to treat preexisting illness, and kids under 26 being able to stay on their parents insurance.
Still, how deceitful can this fool be though? He has had to back things up twice because the money just isn't there.
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The beauty of direct pay system in healthcare

A review by CNN demonstrates that the percentage of physicians who have gone to a direct pay practice has doubled in the past year or so. At the moment, approx. 6% of physicians are in this mode of health care delivery and the numbers are expected to rise as health care reform takes hold.
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Women hate Obamacare the most...

WOMEN are against ObamaCare! Why?
Well, remember Julia - that cute little cartoon the Obamacare guys created to illustrate how the president’s policies would provide “health and economic security” for women at all of life’s stages?
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Obamacare Hates Babies

Sadly, Obamacare has turned what should be a special time into a nightmare for pregnant women everywhere. Many of the women who are due to give birth in 2014, had insurance coverage in 2013. However, on January 1, many of those women's plans were cancelled. Now, they're uninsured.
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