About Us

CashDoctor®, Inc. was founded by Rob Stehlin in 2003. At the time, he foresaw a crisis coming in health care and how consumers would be consumed with increasing cost and lack of information. The first model was based on the participation of doctors, hospitals, and health care professionals. This model failed to develop because the health care industry did not forsee the value in consumers being able to see the actual cost of services and allowing consumers to comparison shop. From this revelation comes the NEW CashDoctor® 3.0 - CONSUMERS sharing information while taking control of the healthcare model in their OWN community for their own benefit. CashDoctor is saying no to Insurance company control. We are saying no to hospital control and we are saying no to Doctor control. CashDoctor® is SAYING YES to consumer SHARING and CONTROL of healthcare.

SPRING 2015 is the launching of the NEW "community sharing" site CashDoctor® 3.0. Consumers are ready to SHARE with their community vital information regarding the actual cost of services and take back their local healthcare industry. Be a part of this coming 2 Trillion Dollar revolution.

Leadership Team

Rob Stehlin

Rob Stehlin

It all got started after a meeting where consumers were discussing the medical savings accounts and the newly proposed health savings accounts, when he was driving through a toll both in Boca Raton Florida in 2003 and forsaw a problem with consumers wanting to know how much it cost to see a doctor. Instantly Rob called Lorin and shared this crazy idea and asked if we could build a website (never been done before) to share the fees charged by doctors.

In spare time, he likes to run, not just run, but run and run and run much like Forrest. Not just run but he likes to moutain bike, road bike, hike and run on the trails in the moutains of Southern California.
If it was not for his mission to liberate the healthcare system, he would be in the "moutains".

During the week you will find him slipping away for work to help his local school district by leading a program that teaches kids to "code" program computers in multiple languages.

He holds a MBA from Pepperdine University in Malabu California.

He has over 30 years in multiple industries from logistics to healthcare all focused on solving multiple problems and delivering the best possible user experience, he has a passion to share for everyone to gain.

When it comes to his passion, it is truely helping consumer become proactive with their health and healthcare. 24/7 he is preaching about the lack of consumer engagement in the system.

Lorin Morar

With over 15 years of software development experience, Lorin Morar possesses extensive background in full-cycle product development. The privilege of working in multiple industries (health care, financial systems, oil and gas, wireless applications, gaming, insurance) with a wide variety of tools and technologies (Delphi, Java, C#, ASP.NET, VB, Object Oriented Design & Programming, J2EE, ASP, XML, Ruby on Rails, PHP) has provided him with a unique perspective on software design and development. Lorin Morar is the creator of ke, a powerful web engine, the only tool you'll ever need to own your own portal.

Lorin Morar