Obama's Top Five Health Care Lies

President Obama

When it comes to health care reform, Obama seems more and more a demagogue, lying instead of speaking the truth and deceiving the people of this nation instead of helping them.

Take a look at the top five lies that President Obama has told for no reason other than to get elected and of course to sell socialized medicine to a cautious nation.

  • No one will be compelled to buy coverage.

Well, you know, during the campaign, Obama insisted that he would not resort to an individual mandate to achieve universal coverage.

It seems that in a letter to Sens. Max Baucus, D-Mont., and Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., he gaily stated that he was all for “making every American responsible for having health insurance coverage, and making employers share in the cost.”
However he is refuses to say what exactly he will do to those who want to forgo insurance.

  • No new taxes on employer benefits.

For the first time in history, Obama might as well end up doing what McCain never set out to do, and that is to impose a net tax increase on health benefits.

  • Government can control rising health care costs better than the private sector.

As you may already know, Medicare, the government-funded program for the elderly, has put the country on the path to fiscal ruin. However Obama plans to model a government insurance plan, the so-called “public option”, in order to control the country’s rising health care costs. Why is that? Well, because he claims that Medicare has far lower administrative costs and overhead than private plans.
According to Obama, subjecting private plans to competition against an entity delivering such superior efficiency will release health care dollars for universal coverage.

However lower administrative costs do not always mean greater efficiency.
Unfortunately, extending the Medicare model will further devastate even the functioning aspects of private plans.

  • A public plan won’t be a Trojan horse for a single-payer monopoly.

Obama has claimed over and over again that forcing private plans to compete with a public plan will simply “keep them honest” and provide patients more options.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to design a public plan that could actually compete with private insurers without “feeding off the public trough” as Obama claims.

  • Patients don’t have to fear rationing.

Obama has often asked for honesty in the health care debate, so it’s high time he began showing some honesty himself.

Things need to change in the health care system and all the lying should definitely stop!

What’s your opinion on the matter? You can comment below.


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