How Can CashDoctor® Help You?

We can help you in many ways:

No matter if you are insured, uninsured or even covered by a government program (MEDICAID, MEDICARE, TRICARE) CashDoctor® can help you and your family WHEN AND WHERE YOU NEED IT. Here's how we can help:

First and foremost, the doctors and health professionals in the CashDoctor® community want you as a patient (otherwise they would not spend their money advertising with CashDoctor®). They accept many different forms of payment in order to provide more access at affordable prices.


Are you are currently covered by a PPO and looking for a local doctor but do not have a personal reference or not satisfied with the reference you received from your neighbor? CashDoctor® can help. Many of our advertisers accept PPOs. Search via “advanced” feature selecting PPO under Insurance and you will find all of our advertisers who accept PPOs. Many have provided a listing of the ones that are accepted. If you cannot find a provider that accepts your PPO, you can always access our providers via their CASH fee schedules. Many insurance companies will credit you against deductible as an out of network. Carriers are even considering treating CASH payments as in network if the fees charged are less than their network fee schedule. CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE of just how much it cost to PAY CASH


Frustrated because you cannot find a doctor that will see you because they do not accept your HMO? CashDoctor® can help. Just contact any of our advertisers and request their CASH fee schedule. You will be surprised just how affordable primary care and preventative services are in your LOCAL area.


Cash is KING when you have an HSA. In network or out of network, our providers can help you with an illness or create a wellness program that will benefit you and your family using the most cost effective methods possible.


Are you currently UNINSURED? Do you think you need INSURANCE to visit a doctor? Are you just visiting here and need to see a doctor? The CashDoctor® community of health care professionals can help. Our LOCAL doctors and health care professionals can provide a schedule of fees prior to treatment for you budgeting purposes. Many provide same day appointments for CASH customers.


Many or our urgent care centers and doctors work extended hrs. to provide access when you need it most. Click on advanced search and indicate “after hrs” to see a listing of our facilities that are open after hrs.


Your doctor just advised you he or she no longer takes Medicare. Are you tired of WAITING for a simple appointment because you current doctor does not have any openings? Looking for a procedure or service not covered by Medicare. Looking for a doctor that will give you the time and take an interested in your specific conditions, CashDoctor® can help - Our community or health professionals provides immediate access for CASH PAYING PATIENTS. The allow to ACCESS the services you wish, when you need them and understand if they are covered by you current plans and if not, know the cost you will be responsible for.


HAVE YOU GIVEN UP TRYING TO FIND A DOCTOR THAT ACCEPTS MEDICAID? Do what others are doing, pay CASH AND SEE A DOCTOR TODAY. Yes, if you want a LOCAL doctor, you can access any of our doctors just by paying CASH at time of service. Please note that if your condition requires additional services you may need to seek out a provider that will accept MEDICAID, but we at CashDoctor® do not want to see you postpone treatment or HAVE TO SIT IN AN EMERGENCY ROOM for hours on end because you cannot find a doctor. A $50 - $75 dollar office visit could save your life. Do not delay seek medical treatment TODAY in your LOCAL area.


Do you have a plan without brand or drug coverage or no insurance at all? Are you wondering if you can purchase generics for less than your copayment or you current plan? CashDoctor® FREE drug card can help in every situation. Just visit the COUPON section of our website and create your very own CashDoctor® FREE drug card. Card is already activated so you can start saving TODAY.